I am Matthieu, a 28 year old web enthusiast with 10+ years of experience in freelance ninja front-end development. Coming from a programming background, I ultimately ended up choosing the dark side of the force by privileging User Interface wizardry, to the great despair of my peers.

I enjoy crafting beautifully designed web interfaces with a pinch of JS magic. In real life though, I love swimming, chess, movies, and travelling.

To all to whom these presents may come, greetings!

I hereby declare that the named Matthieu (hereinafter referred to as "The dev") is of 28 (twenty eight) years of age.

The dev hereby declares, mirabile dictu, under the penalty of perjury that he is, interalia, a web enthusiast, with 10 (ten)+ years of experience in bona fide freelance ninja front-end development (hereinafter referred to as "The ninja work").

The dev testifies under oath that he is coming from a programming background. The dev also disclaims that his aforesaid capabilities shall not be construed against the dev as an incitment to provide any ninja work herein before described nor to any pro bono consulting in any kind.

The dev finally certifies that "I enjoy crafting beautifully designed web interfaces with a pinch of JS magic. In real life though, I love swimming, chess, movies, and travelling." [1].

[1] Matthieu Rigolot, "To all to whom these presents may come, greetings!", http://www.stylizit.com/, 2014.

Ahoy !

Me be Cap'n Matthieu-o'web, barnacle-covered sea enthusiast, wit' bout' 10+ yerr o' experience scourin' th' seven seas fer front'n dev' hearties. Arrr!

Comin' fer th' darrr' side o' force to th' despair o' me buckos, thar' back'n devs scallywags ain't nothin' but scurvy bilge rats!
Me heartly be enjoyin' grand great adventuaaaarrrr of javascript and mateys intaaarrrface!

Me be enjoyin' swimming in th' bilge, smartly playin' chess, 'n be movin' me ship t'th' seven seas!

H1 !

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1 3NjoY Cr4F71N' b34u71FULLy D3S1GN3D w3b 1N73rF4c32 W17 4 p1Nch OF J2 M4G1C. 1n R34L l1F3 7hOuGh, 1 lov3 Sw1Mm1N', ch3sS, moV132, 4nD 7R4v3LL1n'.

Oh Hai!

Im Matthieu, 28 yeer old web enthusiast, wif 10+ yeers ov experience in freelanz ninja frunt-end development. Comin frum programmin bakground, I ultimately endd up choosin teh dark side ov teh force by privilegin usr interfacez wizardry, 2 teh greet despair ov mah peers. Srsly.

Ai enjoyz craftin beautifully designd web interfacez wif pinch ov js mawgic. In reel life though, I luv swimmin, ches, moviez, an travellin, an stuffs.


What Matthieu, such experience. Many front end development. Dogegramming to the moon! Very choice.
Much web design. Wow background, so wizard. Excite now.

Amaze user interface, wow. Very much swimming, so chess. Many travelling.

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